Babies and Boxing and Hockey

Sunday, January 31, 2010 Road Junkies 0 Comments

Perdido Key, FL
January 22-31, 2010

After a lengthy interruption of our planned month on the Emerald Coast, we left Atlanta and doctor appointments behind and returned to our condo by the sea.
Returning to our coastal letterboxing adventures, we went in search of "Lennon the Rolls," which we were informed was hidden in a magnetic container in the wheel well of the passenger side of this car. Legend has it that this vehicle was once owned by Beatle John Lennon. Some even said he planted a time capsule in the car. Though none of that has been confirmed nor disproved, a Pensacola attorney obtained and restored it, displaying it in the parking lot of his law office. And a Pensacola area letterboxer planted a box on the car.
While we refuse to disclose how long we looked on the right side of the vehicle before translating the term "passenger side" to a British-manufactured car, we did eventually locate the letterbox.

Imagine our surprise when we passed the parking lot a couple of days later to discover that someone had bashed poor Lennon.  We learned later that the car was sent to the body shop and re-restored (it had already been given a restoration after Hurricane Ivan left severe salt damage in 2004).
Dianne's mother, Sylvia, had come to the beach for a visit, so we thought it was time to travel across the panhandle to Tallahassee to meet the newest yaya-- Baylinn, Clint and Carrie's baby daughter who was born on December 11.
Of course, we found her just as charming and adorable as those who had already met her had attested. A very sweet baby who patiently goo-goo-ed and ga-ga-ed for all who held and talked to her.
And no trip to Tally town would be complete without a visit to Roostah and June's house, where we were lucky enough to find the winsome Reese. Her great Aunt Sylvia helped us bring her a couple-of-weeks-early celebration of her third birthday. What a doll! Her grandparents, Bruce and June, were the consummate hosts they always are, and we enjoyed a wonderful evening in their home, delighted by a surprise visit from Adam and Jessica as well.
Back in Perdido after Sylvia left, we had a few days for planting some letterboxes in the Pensacola area. The fantastic National Museum of Naval Aviation was an obvious choice.
As was a trail near the Pensacola lighthouse...

With just a few days left in our time at the beach, our friend Jamey came for a long weekend. We took her letterboxing (she was underwhelmed) and to an ice hockey game, which she enjoyed.
This was our second Ice Flyers game. We had planned to attend more before we ended up stuck in Atlanta for a couple of weeks. This minor league team plays with a lot of heart and enthusiasm and provides an entertaining evening of fun for a very reasonable price. See you next season, Flyers!