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CANADA OR BUST, Chapter 16:  

Day 19:  Kalispell, MT
Located in the Flathead Valley between Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake, Kalispell (pop. 20,972) is surrounded by craggy mountains, dense forests, and crystal lakes and rivers.  As the largest city in northwestern Montana, Kalispell serves as a commercial and retail center, offering most major big box stores.  After visiting a couple of them this morning, we set out to search for some letterboxes in the area.
Viking Creek Nature Trail
The first three boxes we found by local letterboxer Soey were hidden around the downtown area and featured cute stamps based on drawings by her young son.  Next stop was the town of Whitefish (pop. 6,649) fifteen miles north.  There we found one box along Riverside Trail, one near the train depot, an a series of six at Viking Creek Wetlands.
It was fun following in the footsteps of our friend Brown Cow, who was in the area last year.
Then we headed back toward Glacier for the afternoon.  As we drove east, the smoke thickened steadily.  It was much, much worse than yesterday, this time accompanied by the acrid odor of a forest fire, even though the active area is 50 miles away at the southern border of the park.
Still following our bovine friend
We continued letterboxing our way through the towns of Columbia Falls and Hungry Horse and on to West Glacier, hoping the air would be a little better there and allow us to go on a hike in the park.  But instead, the air seemed even worse than in Kalispell.  So we found a few drive-by letterboxes and returned to the hotel at 3:30, calling it a day.

Tomorrow we hope to leave the smoke behind as we travel south to Helena to visit the Montana State Capitol.

Daily Stats
  • Miles driven:  93
  • Miles walked:  4.2
  • Weather:  44° to 80°, cloudy and hazy
  • Letterboxes found:  17
  • Gas:  $3.10 in Kalispell, MT

Great place to stamp in on the Viking Creek Trail

What can you do with an old truck that won't run?

A bear left its territorial mark on this tree.