Heading Home

Wednesday, October 30, 2002 Road Junkies 0 Comments

LEWIS & CLARK, Chapter 10:  

Day 10
Astoria, OR to Twin Falls, ID.  
This morning we got an early start, leaving Astoria at 6:38 a.m. in clear 30° weather.  In eastern Oregon, we climbed on I-84 into the Unadilla Mountains (pictured above) and found a winter wonderland.  Tall evergreens were decorated with snow and snow covered the roadsides.  The temperature had climbed to the mid-40s, but up in the mountains, we found it hovering around 20.
Although we still had sunshine for a while, the clouds ahead promised snow, and eventually it began to fall.  About the time the snow began, we reached road conditions with more snow as the sun wasn’t melting it.  Just after the snow began falling, we reached the summit of the Blue Mountains at 4,193 feet.  The temperature had fallen to 18°.

Is this our exit?

By the time we returned to the lower elevations near the town of LaGrande, snow was not in evidence on the ground and was not falling.  The temperature rose quickly.   Our goal today was to log miles, no sights to see, just moving back east.

Losing an hour when we returned to the Mountain time zone, we checked into a hotel in Twin Falls, Idaho in the early evening.  After dinner in the room, we fell into bed pretty tired after a 662-mile day.