About Us

Monday, June 20, 2016 Road Junkies 0 Comments

We are Ken and Dianne, a pair of retired baby boomers who would rather be traveling than not.  We're independent travelers who wouldn’t consider group tours (including cruises) where someone else determines the itinerary.  We enjoy long road trips exploring many places along the way, but we can also be happy spending weeks getting acquainted with an area.

We steer clear of dirty hotels (ugh!), restaurants whose menus center around fried foods, and smoky, smelly casinos.  We’ll stop to visit family, attend a minor league ice hockey game, or hike a scenic trail, especially if letterboxes are hidden nearby.

Great customer service pleases us immensely, and we seek out good value, which we often find by traveling in the off-season.  We prefer interacting with locals over being shuffled along in a mass of tourists.  If we know in advance what to expect, you won’t find us in places like Jackson Hole, Branson, Bar Harbor, or Gatlinburg.

While on the road, one of us hunts for the nearest Starbucks while the other depends on Diet Coke for a jolt of caffeine.  The java junkie favors books and TV focused on news, politics and finance, while the cola freak leans more to fiction and reality shows.  We both detest ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and poison ivy.  Dog owners who think their pets are exempt from leash laws on public trails confound and annoy us.

After 41 years together, our tastes in some areas seem to have merged, so it’s not unusual to find us unintentionally dressed in similar colors and even styles.  We prefer hiking boots over dress shoes and usually dress in layers so we’re prepared for whatever the weather brings.

We like to stay connected, so technology is certainly our friend.  However, we don’t trust the increasing invasion of privacy that Facebook presents, so you won’t find us there, and you won't be hearing us tweet.

We love the company of witty and interesting people and avoid those who are rude and intolerant.  Don’t look for us at yard sales, malls, or pancake houses.  Our Acura MDX is much more likely to be parked at a trailhead, a historic site or museum, a good blues hall, or a great Lebanese restaurant.