Scenic Vistas... and where was Woodie??

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 Road Junkies 1 Comments

Day 4: Casper, WY to Red Lodge, MT
Another picture postcard day... if we only had Woodie with us to take the photos that were postcard-worthy! We drove through northwest Wyoming and saw so many beautiful scenic vistas but had no idea how to capture them in a photo. Woodie, we need you!!
Driving through Boysen State Park and the Wind River Canyon was awe-inspiring. The Wyoming badlands were gorgeous. We just kept gaping and wishing Woodie were here to capture it all in pictures.
As we went farther north in Wyoming and into Montana, it was like lovebug season in south Alabama or visiting the Mississippi delta. It made us wonder about a couple we met this morning as we and they were about to leave the hotel in Casper. They were from Omaha, also headed for Yellowstone, about our age and traveling on a motorcycle. I happened to notice as they rode off that they were wearing helmets with no face coverings. Bet they're still picking bugs out of their teeth even now!