Sunflower Day

Sunday, September 07, 2008 Road Junkies 3 Comments

Mellow Yellow Road Trip, Day 2: Shiloh, IL to Kearney, NE

Across Missouri, into Iowa and through half of Nebraska we saw hundreds of thousands of sunflowers today. They were stunning, growing wild by the roadside, and even through the middle of some of the massive cornfields we saw along the highway.

As we were passing through northeast Missouri, Ken kept telling me he was seeing windmills. Since he was driving and I was working sudokus, by the time I looked up, the windmills were gone from sight behind some trees. After several instances of this, I thought he was just kidding around. Then finally we reached a point where I could see them also. We exited at the town of Rock Port, Missouri, following the direction of the windmills, and found many, many more of these huge windmills.
  Later we learned that this past April, Rock Port became the first city in the US which generates 100% of its electrical demand with wind power. In fact, they generate more than they need and sell the excess to other communities.

We arrived in Kearney, NE about 6 p.m. and checked into our hotel. Fixed a little dinner and settled in for the evening.