Treats and Tricks

Friday, October 31, 2008 Road Junkies 0 Comments

Near the town of Mentone, Alabama (pop. 478), we found the remains of the Lahusage Dam. In the early 1900's when Mentone was a popular summer resort, three speculators named Lamb, Hubbard and Sage pooled their resources and their names to construct the town of Lahusage near Mentone. Later the dam was built but was damaged in a storm and never repaired. The town's coal mining operation failed in the 1920's and the town of Lahusage faded away. As with so many other interesting spots we have encountered, we visited the Lahusage Dam in search of a nearby letterbox. Ken's sister Marion (trailname: Daisy Lady) had joined us to overnight at the lodge and we took her on her first official letterboxing adventure. Winding our way back to the lodge, we came across a group of horses. Needless to say, Ken's ever-present bag of apples came out and we were able to leave the horses happier than we found them. As we were feeding and petting the horses, three kittens came galloping across the pasture, bringing a horse-size dose of curiosity with them. They decided to investigate the underside of our car, and we had quite a time convincing them to head back toward the barn so we could leave. Marion left for home in the afternoon, and the Cashes and Elliot's friend Sammy arrived Friday evening. After a big meal at the lodge, we settled in for a stimulating game of Blurt. The lead changed hands several times before the team of Dan, Elliot and Sammy triumphed.