Seek & Hide & Seek

Friday, April 03, 2009 Road Junkies 0 Comments

Our niece Heather and her daughter Emma are visiting Ken's sister Marion (Heather's mom) this week so we just had to get together and go letterboxing today. Emma (trailname: Miss Butterfly Lady) is a very enthusiastic letterboxer and was ready to hit the trail at Leita Thompson Memorial Park in Roswell. Without the adult tendency to overanalyze, Emma found the first box when none of the rest of us could. Her grandmother has ingrained in her the need to wear latex gloves when handling things that aren't so sanitary... when Emma remembers to do so. She is very careful about rehiding the boxes better than we found them. After finding six boxes and hiking four miles, we were ready for a picnic lunch. Following lunch, Emma was ready for another kind of hide and seek. Thinking outside the (letter)box, she "hid" herself as part of this statue in the park. So creative!