Back to the Rock

Saturday, May 23, 2009 Road Junkies 0 Comments

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend was declared the date for the sixth annual Southeast Letterboxing Gathering at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta. We joined more than 100 other letterboxers for a full day of meeting and greeting and letterboxing.

A group of us decided to search for the boxes on the walk-up trail up the mountain. We had no difficulty recognizing the "gum pole" referenced in the clues for several boxes. Although the socializing that goes with searching as a group was fun, stamping in definitely took a bit longer.
We were fascinated with all the plant life that grows on the mountain, which is just a big mound of granite. This tree in particular seemed amazingly resilient.
Our friend Cathy was determined to find the Gnarly Head letterbox this time around, having spent more than an hour hunting it in April. Her efforts were rewarded when she found the box.
And, of course, finding Gnarly Head called for a celebration... with some Gnarly Head!
We all huffed and puffed a bit before making it to the top of the mountain, where we were rewarded with some awesome letterboxes planted there and a terrific view of downtown Atlanta.
The hands-down winner of the prize for most unusual sight we saw while letterboxing at the park was the "passy" tree. Who knew these grew in Georgia?