A Bouncin' and Boxin' Birthday

Monday, July 13, 2009 Road Junkies 0 Comments

According to legend, the Viking stove manufacturers have visited Millry, Alabama, in July to learn more about how to produce the hottest HEAT. Despite the sweltering, sweat-producing weather, many of us gathered for a weekend of birthday celebrations in honor of Dianne's mother's 80th birthday.

To kick off the celebration, we planted a series of eight letterboxes in the greater Millry area, highlighting the various town attractions. Uncle Joe, Dianne's brother Woodie, and cousins Alison and Pam joined us Saturday afternoon to go and search for the boxes.
Photo by Pam

Uncle Joe had just obtained his signature stamp (carved by mstrwndl!) and gave it a good initiation in the Millry boxes. Woodie fell back on the old illiteracy excuse when we visited Healing Springs and he wanted to check out the Mound Spring.
All of Sylvia's children and their spouses, five grandchildren with their respective spouses, and nine great grandchildren traveled to Alabama for the big celebration weekend. Her two brothers and their spouses and three nieces were also on hand. All the great grandchildren spent much of the weekend in the inflatable bounce house that Sylvia provided for their entertainment. Karoline took time from bouncing to give her great-grandmother a manicure in anticipation of the big party on Sunday. At the church reception hall on Sunday afternoon, friends and family came to share in celebrating the life of a special woman, who has had an impact on so many lives. A special birthday tribute was offered by the famous Wood girl cousins.
Last two photos by Woodie