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February 11-13, 2010

Like others in our family, we arrived in Millry stunned and deeply grieved by the loss of Aunt Jo Anne, Dianne's Uncle Jim's wife. The quiet angel of our family, Aunt Jo Anne passed suddenly after suffering a massive stroke. No matter when you arrived at her home, Aunt Jo Anne was always ready to extend the most gracious hospitality you could ever hope to find. No one can count the thousands of cups of delicious coffee she happily served to family and guests who visited. 
Aunt Jo & Uncle Jim
Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were her pride and joy, and she delighted in their every accomplishment. Her love and generosity were extended to the entire family and the local community which she "adopted" after moving to Millry in retirement. Aunt Jo Anne could stir up a meal in minutes if someone was in need of feeding. And she did it all with quiet grace and humility. Aunt Jo Anne will be missed greatly by her family and many in the community who were touched by her kindness.
In a very unusual weather event in this deep South town, snow began to fall the day after Aunt Jo Anne's death.  We awoke that morning, startled to see the ground actually covered in white.  Snow continued to fall like gentle tears all morning and into the afternoon.  Millry hadn't seen this much snow in a very long time.
An unfamiliar sight in south Alabama
The snow cover lent an unusual beauty to familiar places and sights.
The Mound Spring boardwalk at Healing Springs
Nanamama's Bluebird House
Tom & Shelia's Pasture
Lonesome Pine never before looked so lonesome, even with the driveway full of vehicles.
Great Great Grandparents' Graves
At the old cemetery, Great Great Grandfather John and Great Great Grandmother Mary waited to welcome another angel to her new home. By the funeral the following day, the snow was completely gone and there was nothing to interfere with a beautiful funeral service. All that remained of this delicate lacy shroud was just a memory, a tribute to our special aunt, who still lives in our hearts.
FEBRUARY 11-13, 2010