Got Butter?

Saturday, May 29, 2010 Road Junkies 1 Comments

Moncton, NB
Where's that giant stick of butter when you need it?  Shediac,NB, is renown for its lobster. The Shediac Rotary Club decided that they should pay tribute to this crustacean, the mainstay of the town's economy for many years, by erecting a monument to the Town's mascot and logo, as well as a means of promoting the tourism industry.  According to the plaque, this is the world's largest lobster at 35 feet long and 16 feet in height.
Locals claim that New Brunswick has the best lobster in the world, hands down. In fact, we were told that Maine imports lobster from NB and calls it "Maine lobster" because even they know it's the best.

After getting our fill of lobster, we drove down to Parlee Beach Provincial Park.  Locals were taking advantage of the mild weather to get to the beach.
The temperature reached 72° F today, torrid in an area where the average temperature in January is 17°.  The beach had been freshly graded for the opening of the summer season.

We have discovered that many attractions in this area and northward don't open until mid-June and remain open until September or October, so we're still traveling in the off-season for the most part.  Even though we may miss a few activities, it's well worth it to us to avoid the crowds that full-blown summer brings.