On the Road Again

Saturday, May 01, 2010 Road Junkies 0 Comments

Peachtree City, GA to Charlotte, NC
The great East Coast road trip has begun. We left a hot and humid Peachtree City and headed north, hoping to find cooler weather.Gainesville, Georgia, was our first destination. We had a letterbox to plant at Poultry Park, where there is a monument commemorating Gainesville's self-proclaimed title of Poultry Capital of the World. The park has an obelisk with a rooster perched on top. Interestingly we had seen this photo on the internet and thought the monument was 50 or more feet tall. Turned out to be a good bit more humble-- maybe half that. Mr. Rooster seemed happy enough with his view, though.

Across the street were some old trains on display. While we were returning a letterbox we found hidden on one of them, we encountered this couple visiting from Mississippi. When Ken noticed the husband taking a photo of his wife by the trains, he took the opportunity to practice one of his favorite travel activities.
"Would you like to get in the picture, too?" he asked the gentleman. Obviously, the answer was affirmative, as it usually is. When Atlanta hosted the 1996 Olympics, we spent many days at Centennial Olympic Park where Ken took many photos of tourists in this same manner. What a great service!

Upon our arrival in Charlotte, we visited Ken's mom, who served us a delicious dinner and entertained us with stories about her childhood and the goings on in her apartment building. We retired to what may be our new favorite hotel, very spacious room and nice amenities......but as I type, a party seems to be developing on our floor. Time will tell....