Vermont Variety

Monday, May 17, 2010 Road Junkies 0 Comments

West Dover, VT & Wilmington, VT
Driving along Vermont's winding country roads presents one scenic vista after another, long-range views, mountain streams, and more red houses than we see in a lifetime in Georgia. We have been unable to discover why red is such a popular color for houses in this beautiful state-- perhaps because they provide such a picturesque contrast to the verdant green mountains.

As we predicted, today we reached the 1000 milestone in our letterbox finds. We can't say that #1000 was our most challenging find. Unfortunately, the previous finder had not re-covered the letterbox with leaves and sticks, making it very apparent as we neared the spot on the trail. "At the bottom of a small hill as the trail levels," the clue read, "look on the left of the trail for a screaming two-sister tree with its tongue sticking out. Find the box beneath the tongue." The most difficult part of this one was fighting off the gnats and mosquitoes who craved our companionship on the trail.

Some things we've observed in Vermont:
This is Subaru Country.
It's easy to see why some roads are less traveled.
Gravestones are not always what you expect.
Daily Stats:
Miles driven: 79
Letterboxes found: 9
Birthday packages mailed: 1
Tick bites: 1 (Dianne)