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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Road Junkies 2 Comments

Day 61:  Asheville, NC to Peachtree City, GA
After replacing the logbook again for the Sister's Sixty letterbox we planted in Asheville in honor of Jeanne's 60th birthday, we set out for Charlotte and a lunchtime visit with Ken's mom.  We began this odyssey with a visit to her on May 1, so it seemed fitting to slide toward trip's end with her today.
Along the way, Vincent (our van) reached a milestone birthday.  As for his name, when he was younger, we once heard someone say, "Look at that van go!"  (no doubt Dianne was driving).  When we heard that remark, we figured his name must be Vincent.... 
Anyway, we crossed the 150,000-mile bridge today and hope to do a great deal more traveling together.  None of us was thrilled when we reached the Atlanta area around rush hour this afternoon.  The temp wasn't as bad as it could have been, but the traffic was certainly a wake-up call.
We're definitely back in the real world... for as long as we decide to stay.  We found everything in the apartment just as we left it.  Tomorrow we'll get to the post office to pick up two months' worth of mail.  Then we'll start planning our next odyssey.

Daily Stats
Miles driven:  426 (most for any day of the trip)
Letterboxes:  1 F, 1 M
High temp:  88° F
Bumblebees:  3,612
Day lilies on NC highways:  451,708