Where's Ken?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Road Junkies 1 Comments

Day 53: Bowmanville, ON
Exhaustion caught up with us today and we decided to spend a lazy morning mostly hanging out in the hotel in the little town of Bowmanville.  After a tasty lunch at the Village Inn, a local pub, we enjoyed a rainy afternoon napping, reading and swimming (Ken).

As we've traveled in the last weeks, we've been collecting a group of photos we call Where's Ken?  Like the children's book Where's Waldo? the object of the game is to locate Ken in the photo.  (Clicking on the photo will enlarge it and make your search much easier. Then click the back arrow to get back to the blog.)
Wellington Street, Ottawa

Old Quebec

Notre Dame, Trois Rivieres

Old Montreal

Parliament Hill, Otttawa

Now you see how difficult Ken can be to keep up with, but he makes it so worth the effort! Tomorrow we'll end our time in Canada and head back to the good old U.S. of A.

Daily Stats
Miles driven:  enough to get lunch
Miles walked:  nah
Letterboxes:  not today
Minutes napping:  93
Yawns:  48
Sighs:  52
High temp:  72° F (per hotel room thermostat)