Will This Be on the Test?

Saturday, June 12, 2010 Road Junkies 1 Comments

Day 43: Stellarton, NS to Fredericton, NB
A day of mostly driving as we left Nova Scotia and headed back across New Brunswick. Our goal today was to get closer to Quebec City, QC, which is our next destination. Along the way we found a couple of letterboxes and as we drove, we took time to reflect what we've learned in Canada so far. A sampling follows.
You have to hit the small potholes to avoid the big ones.

Sometimes one language isn't enough.

A toonie is always worth more than a loonie.

Even numbers may need to be translated.

Some of our favorite town names:
Sissiboo Falls
Crows Nest
Ecum Secum
Old Barns

Beaver town names we've seen:
Beaver Dam
Beaver Harbour
Beaver Bank
Beaver Brook
Beaver Cove
Beaver River

The beaver is Canada's official national animal.  In Canada's early history, fur trading was its major industry, and beaver pelts were Canada's primary export to the world. Today the beaver is widely used as the symbol of Canada. It appears on the Canadian nickel, Canadian stamps, and as the symbol for Canada's national parks. Editorial cartoonists commonly use the beaver to personify the entire Canadian nation, as Uncle Sam is used to represent the U.S.

Daily Stats
Miles driven: 282
Letterboxes: 2
Crows scavenging by the roadside: 42
Bugs sacrificed on car hood & grill: 971
Gas: $3.558/gallon
High temp: 75° F (a heat wave!)