Thankful for Family

Sunday, November 28, 2010 Road Junkies 0 Comments

With no plans for Thanksgiving, we were glad when Dianne's sister Jeanne suggested that we meet at their Mother's house in Alabama to celebrate.  For us, that meant two people; both of us would be there.  For Jeanne, it meant 19, except this time it was only 18 as her oldest granddaughter was unable to be there.

One of the favorite activities among young and old is visiting the dirt pit on the family farm.  The kids love perfecting their dry cannonball dives into the sand and trying to get sand on every inch of themselves. 
Older ones enjoy four-wheeling and a bit of target practice with some tin cans.  Ken-- he just likes to observe it all.
The guys hauled some great rocks from the dirt pit to build a new fire pit at Nanamama's house.  Of course, we had to try it out and it was superb-- very relaxing and conversation-inducing.

By a fortunate coincidence, most of Uncle Jim's family was visiting for Thanksgiving also.  So we had a huge joint, delicious, tryptophan-laden Thanksgiving dinner together.  Thanksgiving Day was our cousin Debbie's birthday, and Jeanne's was just a few days away, so we celebrated both!
To make a great celebration even better, cousins Tom and Shelia were in town also, and thankfully, Tom was determined to ensure that Ken and I made our first visit to the legendary Deer Bluff, a local limestone bluff that has been much visited since the 19th century. 
In fact, the face of the bluff is covered with initials carved by visitors from the 1800s to-- well, to the day we visited.  Yes, we did add our own.  An examination of the bluff demonstrates clearly that this entire area was once underwater. Fossils of seashells are widespread.
After a photo op with Tommy, our intrepid Deer Bluff expedition leader, we had to head back to "civilization" before the sun set, arriving back at Tommy's place just at dusk. 
 It was a fantastic day and a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.