Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, September 18, 2011 Road Junkies 0 Comments

GALLATIN, Tennessee —Another Tennessee day of family fun, this time at the home of cousins Alison and Steve, who generously invited us all to join them for lunch and a bit of groovin' on a Sunday afternoon.  There was also a special mission to be accomplished today.
Rather than passing the torch, the baton, the buck, the hat or any of the other myriad items one usually hears about being handed from one person to another, today was the day in our family for the passing of the horse.  At age 8, Steven has long since outgrown the spring horse riding toy that Nanamama's friend gave him when he was three.  Wanting to share some of the joy that this palamino pony had provided him, Steven convinced his parents it was time pass the spring horse on to his little cousin Anna.
With Grandpa Steve as her personal equestrian trainer, Anna took to horseback riding immediately and enthusiastically.  In fact, she was reluctant to dismount and tried to climb back on for another ride whenever the horse came into her line of vision as she busily circulated, checking out all the activity in her usually quiet yard.
After a wonderful lunch, everyone gathered in the Robinsons' leafy, relaxing backyard for socializing, singing, laughing, storytelling, and an ongoing game of "Save the Earth."  Before the afternoon was over, most everyone had joined in the game to keep the inflatable globe in the air.  Incredibly, it stayed up for 5,280 taps before hitting the ground!  OK, it was only 58, but it was still lots of fun and felt like quite an accomplishment.
As much fun as the ballgame was though, the real hit of the afternoon was Kathy's roll-out of the exquisite Island Way sorbets.  Imported from South Africa, these luscious deserts are made from tropical fruits, milks and other natural ingredients and cleverly packaged in natural fruit shells. Kathy discovered them recently and knew it was something the family would love.  She was right! 
The business that conceived these ingenious products exemplifies the kind of assistance provided to the economies of sub-Saharan Africa by the African Growth and Opportunity Act of 2000.  Due to this legislation, the South African company can get their products into the U.S. market duty free.  This has tripled Island Way's production, enabling them to hire more employees and positively impacting upwards of 2,000 lives in a country where most estimates indicate 50% or more of the population struggles in poverty.
With flavors like heavenly coconut, pineapple dreams, zesty pomegranates and passionate mangoes, we wondered how we could stop at just one of these delicious sorbets.  Fortunately, Kathy anticipated that issue and had plenty on hand for those who needed to explore other flavors.
Taste testers Ken, Steven & Anna (with help from her Nana)

Taste testers Woodie, Kendyll & Kyle, Nanamama, & Rachel
Before the afternoon ended, some of us took the time to search for a local letterbox before we all parted ways, ending this idyllic episode.  We can't imagine anything that's better.  The world is ours whenever we're together.  There ain't a place we'd rather be instead of groovin' on a Sunday afternoon.
Alison, Anna & Maggie, Anna enjoying the sorbet


Save the Earth