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Days 15-16:  Greensboro, NC to Peachtree City, GA.  As we love to do, we incorporated a couple of family visits into our Midwest boxing trip.  Our last stops were not in the Midwest, but in North Carolina to help belatedly celebrate a birthday, meet a new family member, and check out a new driver's license.

We landed first in Greensboro, home of Ken's sister, her daughter and granddaughter.  Since Heather was out of town, we spent day 15 with Marion and Emma.  When rain and cold derailed our letterboxing plans, we visited Greensboro's excellent Natural Science Center, where we viewed their comprehensive regular exhibits as well as the limited time Titanic artifact exhibition.
T-Rex and Emma
While in Greensboro, we also had the opportunity to meet the new canine member of our family. A golden retriever/something mix, Mr. Lemon moved in with Emma and her mom last month.  We found this young pup very congenial and not too talkative, two qualities we appreciate in a dog.
Emma and Mr. Lemon
Leaving Greensboro the following day, we headed straight for Charlotte and a visit with Ken's mother, who served us a delicious lunch and regaled us with stories of all the happenings in her apartment building.
Grandma & Ken
As we passed through North and South Carolina we continued to see beautiful fall foliage, though Georgia seemed to be just realizing that autumn had arrived.
Autumn in the Carolinas
These two days with family provided the perfect ending to our sojourn.  Now for me, it's off to Arkansas for some visits with my family, and some Jeanne-e-ology research while Ken holds down the fort at home.

DAILY STATS  (2 day totals)
  • Started in:  Greensboro, NC
  • Ended in:  Peachtree City, GA
  • Miles driven: 417         (Trip total:  3,312)
  • States: 3 (NC, SC,GA)          (Trip total:  14)
  • Letterboxes found:  2          (Trip total:  88) 
  • Weather: Rainy to sunny, 37° to 57°
  • Gas:  $3.149 (Blacksburg, SC)
  • Relatives visited:  3 human, 1 canine
Marion and Emma
Oh, yeah, this is working.

Atlanta's latest experiment with controlling its uncontrollable traffic is replacing the HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lane with the Express Lane (think $$$$$).  From what we saw coming in, however, it seems folks aren't buying into "pay per mile" when the traffic is intense.  As you can see, on a Saturday evening, the "express" lane is vacant, while the other four lanes back up with traffic.  No doubt, another brilliant idea will make its way onto the scene soon.