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Boxing in the Heartland, Days 12 & 13

Beckley, WV—  The story of the last few days has been color, glorious autumn color.  Though fall had departed in the western part of this trip (Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois), since we entered Indiana, we have seen peak autumn foliage.  We've found a few letterboxes along the way, but mostly we have just been marveling in jaw-dropping wonder over the beauty of the leaf color.

Bristol, IN
Cass County, MI
Bristol, IN
La Porte, IN
Constantine Township, MI
Marysville, OH
Zanesfield, OH
US-33 near Logan, OH
Sugar Grove, OH
Bristol, IN
La Porte, Indiana

  • On behalf of misidentified cedars everywhere, thank you, Ohio!  People there actually know a cedar when they see'd her.  It's still a mystery that in a state with major cities named after the tree (Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, Cedar Bluff), Iowa letterboxers can't identify this common tree.
  • In Auburn, Indiana, yesterday we found a letterbox outside the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum and learned that the American slang word doozy, meaning something excellent originated with this luxury automobile of the 1920s and 30s, which was nicknamed the Duesy.

DAILY STATS (2-day totals):
  • Started in Elkhart, IN; ended in Beckley, WV
  • Miles driven: 560          (Trip total:  2,670)
  • States: 3 (IN, OH, WV )     (Trip total:  12)
  • Letterboxes found:  18           (Trip total:  83) 
  • Weather: Partly cloudy, 49° to 67°
  • Gas:  $3.299 (Elkhart, IN), $3.069 (Groveport, OH)
  • RVs for sale in Elkhart, RV capital of the world:  11,357
  • Ohio windmills next to US-33:  496
  • Cornstalks in Indiana cornfields:  893,207
  • Brick pavers in Nelsonville, OH:  124,954
  • "Ooh!"s:  1,342
  • "Ah!"s:  951
 Headstone of the Day
Beautiful painting on both sides
Your Tax Dollars at "Work"
Cedar Lakes, OH - Worth the cost for an exhibit?

Best Photo of WV Capital at 65 mph