An Extraordinarily Ordinary Day

Friday, May 04, 2012 Road Junkies 0 Comments

Lake George, NY to Ticonderoga, NY
On an unremarkable Thursday, we drove north on the scenic New York Route 9N, hugging the western shore of Lake George (pictured above), a long narrow lake forming part of the border between New York and Vermont.  The lake extends to the southern edge of the six million acre Adirondack Park.

We stopped along the way to search for letterboxes and enjoy the scenery and arrived in Ticonderoga to visit a couple of forts involved in significant Revolutionary War battles. Unfortunately we were five days early.  The forts open for the summer season next week.
Stopping in at the local Burleigh Luncheonette in Ticonderoga was like stepping back into the 1960s.  Not only was the decor a retro fest, even the prices reflected an earlier time.  While seated on our stools at the counter having lunch, we had a great visit with a friendly local guy named Patrick, who shared some insider information about the area.  For example, he told us that, like many other parts of the country, Ticonderoga had a mild winter this year with only 25" of snow instead of the usual 75".
Patrick and Ken
Driving back down to our hotel in the town of Lake George, we tried out the "Northway" (I-87), another scenic route, finding a few more letterboxes and enjoying the picturesque vistas.
When the most exciting event of the day is encountering a 12" turtle in a cemetery, there's not too much to report about.  That is not a complaint.  We'll gladly take an ordinary day over one when unwarranted guests arrive at our hotel room door for a little Q & A.
Turtle spying on Ken

Tomorrow, we'll head south, the beginning of the end of this journey.
FRIDAY, 4 MAY 2012

Holding vault used to store remains when frozen ground prevents winter burials