Searching High and Low

Sunday, November 17, 2013 Road Junkies 0 Comments

Durango, CO

After the harrowing events of yesterday, we decided to take it easy in Durango today.  We searched for a few letterboxes around town.  Looking for one box led us to a terrific overview of the town (pictured above).

While searching for Cabin in the Woods letterbox at Greenmont Cemetery, we saw a sizable group of mule deer who had staked out this territory for grazing.  Some of the does ran off when they thought we were a bit too close, but this bold buck and his honey were not intimidated in the least.  They did look up when we whistled to give us a photo opp.

Buck & Betty
Our final letterboxing of the day was on a loop trail at Animas Overlook, about 14 miles outside Durango and 2,500 feet above the town.  Junction Creek Road took us there, the final seven miles on a winding gravel track that was mostly muddy, sometimes slushy with snow and ice.  In an interesting twist, when we reached the overlook, we found the trail itself was paved, though much of it was snowy.

Animas Overlook Trail
Finding five letterboxes along the .8 mile trail, we took one last look at the spectacular views of the Animas Valley and Needles Mountains before heading back down to Durango for the night.

Animas Overlook View
It was a very relaxing day, taking us eight boxes closer to our goal of 3,000 by the end of the year.  Even though we have tried twice unsuccessfully, we're planning to attempt a visit to Mesa Verde National Park in nearby Cortez tomorrow.  In 1995, we arrived at the park to find it closed due to a Clinton era government shutdown.  Last December, our visit was aborted due to snow and whiteout conditions.  What will tomorrow bring...our third strike or the proverbial charm?