Asheville Adventure Redux

Sunday, January 04, 2009 Road Junkies 0 Comments

After returning home from Vernon, we spent Dianne's birthday hiking Stone Mountain Park, snagging a good number of letterboxes, including the ten-box Indian Ridge Trail series. We estimated a total of four to five mile on the trails for the day.

When we began to make plans for New Year's Eve, we had to decline an invitation to the neighborhood party because Asheville beckoned us to return.

We did some hiking, including up the Davidson Trail to the top of Jones Mountain. We realized after we arrived at the summit that we had no idea how to accomplish triangulation with our compass to locate the letterbox planted there. Fortunately, Ken spotted the hiding place anyway and we stamped in. This kind of incident is why Ken is thinking of changing his letterboxing trailname to Boxhound. Seems very appropriate. On Saturday, the Mountain Mysteries and Legends gathering for letterboxers was being held in Carrier Park. We couldn't resist this opportunity to meet some other boxers. We met most of the 75 or so people in attendance but don't know anyone's name-- not their real names. Everyone introduces themselves by their trail name. In this photo are Knit Wit, Mama Fox, Kya Redfern, Hales Angel, Traveling Duo, By His Grace, Airstream Dreams, and Nanni, among others. We have no idea what they're called in the real world, but we had lots of fun visiting and boxing with them.