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April 8-11, 2010
A veritable forest of Woods gathered in Tallahassee for our triennial family reunion. Even though some family members were unable to attend and were missed, we had a wonderful time.
Balloons mark the spot.
Bruce and June, the epitome of gracious hosts, opened their beautiful Tallahassee home to our big group on Friday evening. Informality was the rule of the day and renewing family bonds was top priority. 
Reconnecting with family
With a nod to Wood family tradition, the evening was punctuated with a homegrown fireworks show. Thankfully, since we were in an urban neighborhood and not the family farm, the show did not dissolve into a Duncans vs. Thorntons bottle rocket war. Maybe next time we're at the Lonesome Pine.
Let the fireworks begin!
After some fun explorations of Tallahassee sights like Florida State University and nearby Wakulla Springs State Park on Saturday, we gathered the whole group for some family photographs.  Though the posed group shot was awesome, our favorite was the one in which Woodie captured everyone's reaction to a funny remark made by Bruce (of course).  We admired Tom and Baylinn for maintaining self-control and holding their pose when the rest of us lost it.

We enjoyed a delicious meal at a local restaurant with the surprising name of Stinky's Fish Camp ad retired to the reunion hotel for Wood family style entertainment.  As always, for "the cousins" the most fun was in the rehearsal.
Duncan boys laughing
In fact, we were having such a barrel of laughs at our rehearsal session, we almost missed the actual performance.  It was another fabulous Wood famly reunion spent sharing old memories and making new ones.  Can't wait for the next one!
Cousins minus three (Alison, Andy & Deb)

APRIL 8-11, 2010