There and Back Again

Thursday, June 02, 2011 Road Junkies 0 Comments

PEACHTREE CITY, Georgia — Whew!  We're home.  Our flight from London was relatively uneventful.  We discovered a couple of days ago that Delta would have "Economy Comfort" seats available on our flight home.  It's a long way from first class, but then again it doesn't cost nearly as much.  For just a few dollars more on this transatlantic flight, we were able to move into seats that provided a bit more leg room.  Doesn't sound like much until you think about being in an airline seat for 9.5 hours.  Today was the inaugural day for this particular service.  We found it to be a good value and something we would definitely try again on such a long flight.

We arrived in Atlanta to discover that summer had arrived while we were away.  The high temperature  forecast for the next six days is 97 degrees or higher.  Really?  And we're still three weeks from the official beginning of summer. 

The cab ride from the airport jolted us back into another reality— the long distances we frequently drive and take for granted. Though Peachtree City is often called Deltaville because of the large number of airline employees who live here, the city is 24 miles from the airport.  We reminisced as we rode home about the day last week when we visited six or eight villages in the Reading, England area, yet our round trip mileage for the day was 20.

Gas prices are certainly higher than when we left on March 1 ($2.99 when we last filled up at the end of February), but nothing like what we paid in Europe, our highest being $9.05 per gallon in Great Britain. 

We found our apartment exactly as we had left it except the air conditioning was running rather than the heat.  Our housesitter did a great job providing us with the security of a weekly email that all was well.  The van apparently tired of just sitting in the garage for three months and needed a jump start from AAA to get it going again.

Now we have a day to rest and recover before heading to Alabama for Uncle Joe's 80th birthday celebration.  Lots of family will be there.  Can't wait!

Trip Stats:
Days: 93
Countries: 11
Miles: 15,520
Letterboxes: 56 F, 9 P
Flights: 6
Trains: 30
Subways/Trams/Buses/Taxis: 115
Water craft: 12
Photos taken: 8,800
Miles walked: 230.15
Museums: 80
Parks: 121