Kickin' Grass

Saturday, March 17, 2012 Road Junkies 0 Comments

On the History Highway, Days 2 & 3 

FRANKLIN, Tennessee—  Well, we took a detour off the history highway the last couple of days and made a right turn onto the horticulture turnpike, which is just an exaggerated way of saying we've been doing some yard work.  My brother has an extensive yard to maintain and for various reasons, keeping up with the spring overgrowth has been an uphill battle this year.

So cousin Alison, who lives on the other side of Nashville, called us and said, "Hey, let's meet in Franklin and pitch in to help with the yard work.  It'll be so much fun!" she promised.  And, contrary to what our sore muscles might argue, she was right.

Alison's son Kyle and Ken lopped and dragged off limb after limb while Alison pruned with a passion and I ferreted foes from flower beds.  Kyle's sister Kendyll meanwhile had more urgent matters to deal with— keeping up with the irrepressible Anna and ensuring that this little ball of energy wasn't providing too much "help" with the lawn care.

In the end, the homeowners seemed satisfied with our efforts and indicated they might even be willing to engage our services again in the future.  And, as usual, Alison was correct.  It was a total win-win situation for everyone.  Woodie and family got some help with their yard and we all had a fun family time together.

Happy Homeowners (minus Rachel, who was off being a teen)

Weeds evicted:  1,372
Limbs lopped:  725
Branches pruned:  315
Leaves removed from pool area:  25,160
Pine straw spread:  3 bales
Mosquito bites:  7
Happy family members:  10