All Wet

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THE BIG CHILL, Chapter 6:  

Day 7:  Twillingate to Deer Lake
No one can expect beautiful blue skies every day.  Unless one is in the desert, it's just not natural.  Yes, into each life some rain must fall.  And if we had the opportunity to choose which day rain would fall on this trip, today would have been near the top of our list.  Our only agenda item for the day was moving ourselves 225 miles from Twillingate to Deer Lake.  The trip was mostly inland, so there were no icebergs to stalk, no letterboxes to seek, and no must-see attractions to visit. 

Our only objection to today's ever present rain was its effect on the roads.  After the first 60 miles, we were back on the Trans-Canada Highway, as major as a road gets in Newfoundland.  But like the secondary roads, the drainage on the TCH was abysmal.  We felt an almost constant risk of hydroplaning, regularly hitting sheets of water puddling the roadway.  So we just drove.  And drove.  Very cautiously.

Arriving in Deer Lake in mid-afternoon, we stocked up on groceries and took refuge in the hotel for the remainder of the rainy evening.  Except for the road dangers, it was a sweetly relaxing day.

MONDAY, 16 JUNE 2014