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For most of 2015, we explored North America.  Our year began as the old one ended with some quiet and relaxing time at Perdido Key on the Florida panhandle.  Winter is our favorite time to visit the beach with no one around but a few snowbirds.  Walking on the empty shore without sweating is our idea of perfect beach time.  We also took the opportunity to visit nearby family.

Spring found us chasing the blues from New Orleans north along the Mississippi River.  Along the way, we enjoyed many styles and versions of blues music and became hardcore fans of this uniquely American genre.  By summer we were eager to escape Atlanta's heat and flew to Maine for ten days of enticing scenery and cool temperatures.

Our longest road trip of the year spanned the month of August into September as we drove north to Canada and across the vast prairie provinces to British Columbia.  On the return we revisited Yellowstone and other sites in the Great Plains.

After learning about a new Broadway production featuring two of America's greatest theater legends, we flew north and spent the first eight days of November in New York.  The iconic Cicely Tyson (age 90) and the venerable James Earl Jones (84) delivered brilliant performances, as expected.  We saw several other excellent plays as well as a couple of real duds.  

On December 1, we set off for a six-week sojourn to Ireland and Scotland, planning to spend three weeks in each country.  Unfortunately our trip was cut short by extreme weather and we returned home after a month.


2015 Summary

Major Trips
  • Perdido Retreat  (mid-December to mid-January).  Down time on the Gulf Coast with the seagulls, pelicans, and snowbirds.
  • North Carolina Ramble  (March 6-10).  Wandering around the state visiting interesting places.  Hello, Mayberry!
  • Chasing the Blues  (March 22-April 30).  Following the Blues Highway and the mighty Mississippi River checking out blues musicians everywhere.
  • The Maine Course  (June 18-27).  Flew to Maine and took a 10-day road trip around the state, enjoying cooler temps.
  • Yayas Return to Disney World  (July 23-27).  Dianne returned to Orlando with the same group as the 2002 trip and discovered it was so much easier than when the girls were ages 3 and 5.
  • Canada or Bust  (August 8-September 8).  A very long road trip across the Canadian prairies.  Big sky and a return to Yellowstone.
  • New York, New York!  (November 1-9).  Theater and letterboxing and sightseeing, oh my!  Theater legends did not disappoint.
  • Gaelic Getaway  (December 1-January 6, 2016).  Long road trips in Ireland and Scotland cut short by extreme weather.


States We Visited in 2015

  1. Alabama
  2. Florida
  3. Georgia
  4. Illinois
  5. Indiana
  6. Iowa
  7. Kentucky
  8. Louisiana
  9. Maine
  10. Minnesota
  11. Mississippi
  12. Missouri
  13. Montana
  14. Nebraska
  15. New York
  16. North Carolina
  17. North Dakota
  18. Ohio
  19. South Carolina
  20. South Dakota
  21. Tennessee
  22. Wisconsin
  23. Wyoming




Canadian Provinces We Visited in 2015

  1. Alberta
  2. British Columbia
  3. Manitoba
  4. New Brunswick
  5. Saskatchewan

Countries We Visited in 2015

  1. Canada
  2. France
  3. Ireland
  4. United Kingdom (England, Scotland)

Other Events in 2015

  • January - Shoe Shopper trip to Savannah (Dianne)
  • January - Letterboxing trip to Cincinnati
  • May - Karoline's high school graduation
  • June - Yoyo visit to Atlanta
  • September- Heather & Dan's wedding