High on the High Country

Tuesday, August 04, 2009 Road Junkies 0 Comments

All the Pragers were very happy when our scheduled week in Blowing Rock finally arrived. Just as we hoped, the weather was very mild with temperatures as low as 55 degrees to start some days.

This was our first experience letterboxing in the Blowing Rock and Boone areas, and, as always, letterboxing led us to some new and beautiful places, including Glen Burney Falls in the heart of Blowing Rock. In addition to some new places, we have others that we revisit every year. The Price Park picnic area and its nearby creek are not to be missed. Games are a big part of our Blowing Rock vacations. Finally this year, Dianne found someone else who likes to play Pictionary. Thanks, Emma! And thanks to the new wifi internet access at Boles Lodge, JibJab provided lots of fun for a rainy morning at the house. Unrelated to letterboxing, we discovered a new spot when we visited the little park on top of Howard's Knob, a mountain overlooking Boone. Watauga Lake, a manmade 6,400-acre lake built by the TVA in the 1940's, is high on our list of favorite places to visit. Just southeast of Elizabethton, TN, it's about an hour drive from the house where we stay. This year Emma had the opportunity to help her Uncle Ryan "drive" the pontoon boat we rented for our day on the lake. The pontoon boat is a comfortable ride for everyone. We take a picnic lunch and spend most of the day. The lake is quite deep in most places but that doesn't stop our intrepid swimmers from taking the plunge and enjoying the ice cold water in this lake 2,000 feet above sea level. Before leaving the lake area, we planted a couple of letterboxes there. Emma found just the right spot for One-Eyed Jack to hide. Of all our familiar Blowing Rock and Boone places to visit, Kilwin's ice cream shop is at the top of Emma's list. She tried her best to convince everyone we should go there after lunch and after dinner every day. No trip to the high country would be complete without the familiar family photos. This time we took the shots in the Blowing Rock city park. Unfortunately we missed getting Ryan and Dianne in a big group shot. Guess we'll have to go back in the fall! Aww, shucks!