Bonjour, Amis

Thursday, October 17, 2013 Road Junkies 2 Comments

PARIS, France—We arrived in Paris yesterday on an EasyJet flight from Venice.  A bit of a panic ensued just before we boarded when the gate agent told Jeanne and me we would need to put our (large and overstuffed) purses in our suitcases because EasyJet allows only one carry-on bag.  With seams splitting and various and sundry items hanging out the zipper closings, we managed to get the job done in time to board.

We arrived in Paris in the rain, rode the train into the central city from Orly, and caught the subway to the Montmarte neighborhood just below Sacre Coeur.  There we met the OneFineStay agent at the apartment we're renting for the week we're here.

You can follow the brief story of our time in Paris here or by clicking the photo below.

Palace of Versailles