Tuesday, November 05, 2013 Road Junkies 0 Comments

Day 1:  Chatom, AL to Columbus, MS
Day 2:  Columbus to Little Rock, AR
Capitol Delayed   (7 Nov)

Day 3:  Little Rock to Oklahoma City, OK

Day 4:  Oklahoma City to Dodge City, KS

Day 5:  Dodge City to Colorado Springs, CO
Bent Out of Shape   (10 Nov)

Day 6:  Colorado Springs, CO
Flying High  (11 Nov)

Day 7:  Colorado Springs to Denver, CO
Pikes Peak or Bust   (12 Nov)

Day 7:  Denver
A Capitol Design  (12 Nov)

Day 8:  Denver to Cheyenne, WY

Day 9:  Cheyenne to Pueblo, CO
A Hit and a Miss   (14 Nov)

Day 10:  Pueblo to Alamosa, CO

Day 11:  Alamosa to Durango, CO
This Too Shall Pass   (16 Nov)

Day 12:  Durango, CO

Day 13:  Mesa Verde National Park

Day 14:  Durango to Kayenta, AZ
Cornered Again  (19 Nov)

Day 15:  Kayaenta to Page, AZ
Good Dam Day  (20 Nov)

Day 16:  Page, AZ

Days 17-19:  Page to Flagstaff, AZ
Turning the Page  (22-24 Nov)

Day 20:  Flagstaff to Phoenix, AZ
The Daily Double  (25 Nov)

Day 21:  Phoenix to Tucson, AZ
Mixing Things Up  (26 Nov)

Day 22:  Tucson, AZ to Las Cruces, NM
Hi, Winds  (27 Nov)

Day 23:  Las Cruces, NM to Alamagordo, NM
Shifting Sands  (28 Nov)

Day 24:  Alamogordo, NM to Big Spring, TX
Oil and Water  (29 Nov)

Day 25:  Big Spring, TX to Longview, TX

Days 26-27:  Longview, TX to Home
A Home Run  (1-2 Dec)